summatime tunes

Last year, I created a throwback summer mix to have one long list of songs that remind me of past summers from when I was a pre-teen all the way up into my adulthood. I'm talking about old school Bobby Brown, Backstreet Boys, Kanye, Jay-Z and Beyonce. There are just those songs that will ALWAYS remind you of summer like Big Pimpin, Thong Song, Crazy in Love and I Want it That Way.

And since the weather in Cleveland is finally picking up to summer temperatures this weekend, I figured I'd share a few that will be playing on my iPod for the rest of the summer.

Jessie J - Wild

Girl looks fierce with a shaved head.

Tegan & Sara - Closer

You can't NOT be happy when you listen to this song.

Macklemore - And we Danced

He is wearing a sequined onesie with matching headband. 

 J.Lo - Live it Up

She is anti-aging and looking better than ever since she started dating that younger guy. I want to be her when I grow up.

Daft Punk - Instant Crush

Besides the lead single, this is my favorite single off the new album.

Taylor Swift - We are Never Ever Getting Back Together 

As annoying as this song gets, it reminds me of fun times singing this at the top of my lungs with friends at a bachelorette party and New Years - over and over.

Next I need a beach, a book and my iPod and I'm all set this weekend.


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