wedding bells

In the summer of 2007, this girl had something like 10 weddings to attend so when you do the math, that's essentially three weddings a weekend (sometimes two in the same one) for the entire summer. That was two years after college and the prime time to get married among my friends at the time. To say I was wedding poor was an understatement!

For this summer, I only had one wedding on my calendar for my pint-sized friend Shawn and her fabulous fiance Greg this past weekend in downtown Cleveland. I met Shawn some eight years ago when she'd visit our mutual friend at college and stay with us. We traveled to Vegas together for a wild weekend, celebrated multiple birthdays together and this girl gives one of the best facials and eye brow waxings I have ever had - she is an artist with those tweezers at Studio MZ.

Shawn and Greg; the bustle that didn't want to be bustled; the married couple

The ceremony and reception was pulled off perfectly from the monogrammed illuminated entrance to the crystal centerpieces to the sequins on the table cloths - the whole room was absolutely stunning and set the perfect stage for the dance party that would take place. The band, Rumpelstiltskin, sang and danced their asses off (I think more than we did) and had one of the best singers ever. Please check out this man's dance moves here and here captured in six seconds of pure awesomeness.

Partners in crime; couple's first dance; erin and brian sampling appetizers; reception entrance

end of the night snacks; cake cutting; action shot; crystal centerpieces

Can't take these people anywhere

To celebrate my wonderful father, my family gathered at my parents' house upon my dad's request with a seafood cookout and a few presents to help my dad continue to be his stylish self with lots of awkward conversations. Specifically about who my brother and I are or aren't dating, which I tend to always try to deflect to my brother to take the heat because it's so easy with him. After a few minutes of checking out what this said new girl looks like via Instagram, my mom, being my mother in only a way she can do, asked a few interesting questions with a convo going something like this -

Mom: Well, she is pretty. What nationality is she?
Me: I chuckle to myself, sipping my water, wondering what that has to do with anything and how my brother is going to answer a question, know full well that he will have NO idea.
My brother: Laughs out loud for a few seconds, "Ummmm, I don't know. Hot?!?"

my dad over the years; a growler of a special brew for Father's Day

And, that my reader friends, is how how my weekend went.....


Fizzgig said...

what a beautiful bride, and an amazing wedding! Looks like a David Tutera wedding!!

Beth @ CraveableCleveland said...

Looks like a very fun wedding weekend! Your dress is gorgeous.

Katelin said...

oh that wedding looks lovely, i have two more left to go this year and man it's crazy to not have one like every other weekend any more, ha.