five days of PTO well spent

Off for a week and what is a girl to do?

Day 1 

The girls Put-in-Bay trip was canceled because of the not-so-optimal weather, so instead I met my lovely mother for a much overdue birthday lunch and shopping followed by deep cleaning my apartment (oh yes, I went there) on a rainy day. And then joined two friends walked down to Public Square to catch the Orchestra live with fireworks to kick off the holiday week.

Dena and Amanda soaking in the music; fireworks and Terminal Tower lit up

Day 2

Determined to catch up with out of town girl friends on the beach, the sun finally peeked through the clouds after we had covered every topic from summer plans, beer making, my dating life to me signing up for a triathlon in a four hour time period and each of us were left with actual sunburns - vacation tan complete!

Cloudy beach; our spot; and Percy with the seat coolers

Day 3

Spent the morning at Pure Barre Westlake toning and sculpting (or at least trying to) then with my mom for pedicures, some beach time and then a night out with some eastside friends.

Pedicures and Jules' quality time

With Michelle, Lia and their fab husbands

Day 4

To ring in the 4th, I indirectly started it off with a trip to the impound lot, where my car was conveniently located because the lot I safely left it in overnight has started to tow. I'm looking at you West Side Market!

Friendly game of golf; hello flats tow yard; missing flip flop; cheering on the 4th

Grilling buddies; the most patriotic party goer; rooftop fireworks and light sabers

To watch the fireworks, we went to a friend's rooftop in Lakewood where we could see at least 6 or 8 fireworks shows at the same time - awesome, awesome spot!

Day 5

PIB canceled yet again but was rescheduled for Saturday so instead of going to the Indians game, I chose to stay in and make it an early night knowing that the day was starting bright and early at 8 a.m. on Saturday.

Ran into Percy with more friends at Panini's

more patio friends pregaming for the Indians game

Day 6

Something just did not want me to check off Put-in-Bay off my vacation check list because my friends had to cancel literally at the last minute - the hour before we were scheduled to leave. Instead a quick trip to the Tall Ships was in store with my young cousin's high school graduation party before the storms rolled in to the area in the evening. While I wanted to act like Captain Jack Sparrow and get behind the wheel, I couldn't even think about waiting in the lines for the ships - some looked at least an hour long!

majestic looking vessels in the humid heat

in your average dragster; race themed cupcakes; Matt, the graduate, with his mom and older sister, Lauren
Day 7
Sunday concluded what was an very refreshing week off with a day in the yoga studio to sweat out all the toxins I had consumed the days prior and two hours of volleyball at my favorite sand courts in downtown Cleveland. The sun even made it's way out for the last hour of our games, wrapping up a perfectly planned with some surprise plans week off.

Back to the daily grind I go!


Heather said...

I couldn't believe the weather last week! I need some sunshine in my life!

CLEshopaholic said...

This morning was rough. I really need to win that lottery.

Alana said...

staycations are the best in CLE during the summer...when the weather cooperates! PIB was probably obnoxious all weekend (aka a blast).

Fizzgig said...

you did more in your time off than I do in a month! looks like a great time!!

Katelin said...

so yep this is the best week off ever. nicely done friend ,nicely done. way to celebrate like a champ.

Beth @ CraveableCleveland said...

A jam packed week off! Looks like a lot of fun. I'm so over this rain though, what is up with this summer??

Kate @ said...

DAMN, you fill your weekends - even the rainy ones! Color me impressed. Makes me wish (even more ) that I were in Cleveland...