it's a volleyball, not a baby

To kick off my week vacation, some friends and I went back to our roots this weekend and went to the Lorain International Festival, which I haven't been too since I was a teenager. It's the sort of festival that kicks off summer festivals in Lorain where you can eat your favorite ethnic food for three whole days. Chicken paprikash, pierogies, fried rice, funnel cakes, stuffed cabbage and a bunch other ridiculously unhealthy yet delish food you want to eat. all. the. time.

Lorain International Festival; cousin Megan 3rd runner up; paprikash, fried rice; one of my favorite Polish pastries from Kiedrowki's Bakery in Lorain

Saturday afternoon I spent working with the Gay Games 2014 booth at Pride Cleveland, specifically the photo booth with three of the best volunteers you could ask for. We danced, pranced, drank gallons of water and mingled in the hot sun with some new friends.

Get your Gay Games photo on

After winning another two games of volleyball, my winning team and I continued to enjoy the milder summer weather at Sunset Grille but not before things got a little more interesting as someone accidentally kicked a volleyball into the marina water. You know, the gross part of the marina water where there is seaweed and other gross objects randomly floating in the water.

It's not a party until someone gets out of control. Or jumps in the lake to "save a volleyball and not a child," as you can hear my friend yelling at her boyfriend in the water.

Scott saving Wilson