summer nights

How I spent my weekend....

Friday: at the ball park

There is nothing quite like a mild fall summer night to close out a busy work week.

Indians game; letting the chips "bake" in the cheese

Saturday: laying low

Pictureless. The food was just too good! I had a delicious late night dinner with at El Carnicero complete with al pastor (braised pork) taquitos and a amazing dragon-fruit-elderflower margarita with a salt rim - it was fuchsia and delicious.

Why else should you go there? Because Chef Eric responds to consumers and calls them out for their BS poor reviews - Go Eric.

Sunday: trying to get a tan

With four friends and one younger brother, I pulled together a volleyball team for Cupid's Volleyball Tournament to hopefully win the tournament, seeing as my team won our Sunday division for Cleveland Plays.

I blame the Cupid's Undies Punch for our 0-4 record for the day and maybe me not wearing my red sparkly tutu as to why we lost all FOUR games. But you can't say my team didn't have a hell lot of fun out there!

Dancing dog; sibling love; creative little sweat band; alcohol tent with the cupid's punch

No amount of matching sunglasses could help this team...

And to whomever has my red sparkly tutu, I hope you rock that thing with pride around town!


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...



Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! And a missing red tutu? Not cool!

Katelin said...

a red tutu!? i need one. also, i hope it finds its way back to you!

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