a little partying never hurt anyone

How I spent my weekend....

Friday: girls' night out
A girlfriend rallied the troops to grab sushi at Sushi Rock, which was our go-to Thursday night outing for half-off sushi  a few years back, so we decided to catch up over a few our favorite rolls and wine.

roll up on roll upon roll

Saturday: lakeside partying

Instead of last year's sizzling temperatures, this year's Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp was on the most beautiful 80ish day without a cloud in the sky. The weather gods said there was a 40 percent chance of rain but that didn't happen until very late, technically into Sunday morning, so I believe everyone had a blast celebrating the last Krusty's ever. Or so they say.....

Sean and Jenny; our tent for the day; the shortest beer line ever; me with Jill

sun setting over Whiskey Island

Sunday: patio brunching and card gaming

My friends and I spent at least 2 hours playing Cards Against Humanity (with no interruptions) on Market Garden Brewery's patio where I won with a whopping 12 cards. Apparently I'm the one with the sickest sense of humor...
siblings; Goonies sign outside of Barrio; the ultimate card game; a carafe of mimosa