back to back birthdays

how I spent my weekend.

Friday: acting like a chef

I headed to the Gatherings Kitchen in Lakewood for an evening with some friendly strangers where we were instructed by Ruth and her and her helpful staff on how to cook an authentic Cuban six-course meal.. Besides being in full paparazzi mode, I managed to not follow instructions when removing the corn husks, helped prepare the most complicated tamales of my life and then grilled some corn outside like a pro while sipping a glass of wine.

The meal was absolutely delicious and I would love to do this for the holidays with my family. If interested in booking a private party, all you need is 15 other friends and you are good to go!

table set and ready to go; reading the instructions; grilling corn like a champ

chicken and grilled corn; halibut tacos; black bean soup, shrimp with corn tamales and a banana rum dessert

Saturday: a surprise 30th birthday

First, she got married in June and now we celebrated her 30th birthday with three cakes and what is the most embarrassing video from her childhood, which was complete with a 10 year old Shawn dancing like a hip hop star at the end of the video.

Shawn, the birthday girl; Erin lighting the cake; time for shots - tequila or botox!

Sunday: brunching and sunday fundaying with my parents

While I'm known to have a birthday month and throw quite the big birthday celebrations, my brother wanted a Sunday Funday for his 29th birthday so my family came along for brunch at Soho and patio drinking at Market Garden Brewery to experience their first Sunday Funday.

They came, they saw and they conquered their first Sunday Funday in style with a hat.

family portrait; birthday boy; the hat looks good on even my dad


Katelin said...

the cuban cook out looks amazing and so much fun! love that pic of you at the grill with the wine, perfect.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i've always wanted to do a night at gatherings kitchen!!

Fizzgig said...

that cooking class looks like a blast! who knew?! You see those things on TV but never close to home! And wine makes everything better!

Billy Jhonson said...

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