Paris - how I heart you

It's been 10 days since I've returned back to Cleveland and it feels like I never left.

It's funny how vacations can do that to you. When my friends and I were in Europe, our time went by extremely slow in the best sort of ways. We took each day at a time, explored as much as we wanted, pulled back when we were doing too much and just enjoyed what each day brought in each new city.

Paris was amazing. Simply amazing. It was beautiful, stunning, romantic and was truly more than I expected out of a city that is featured in little ways throughout my apartment decor.

We toured everything we could for the three full days we had in Paris. Let's just be honest...three days isn't long enough is a city like Paris. We needed five full days. There are so many neighborhoods to discover throughout the city and sights to see. The churches were breathtaking and I couldn't get enough of the architecture as we walked up around Sacre Couer too. We hit up up the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, Champs Elysees, Palace of Versailles, endless cafes to drink cafe, crepes and macaroons but we needed more endless wandering days where we could stumble upon more boutiques, corner cafes and markets.
First day - a trip to the Louvre and the Pont de Arts bridge
Versailles - The only must-see-we-can't-not-go place on my agenda.

Beautiful during the day and at night.

a sampling of our daily carb and sugar choices

Seeing this was the first time the three of traveled together, we learned a few things upon our Paris trip about each other -

1) I can't be trusted with any type of travel documents. Case in point - I left our train tickets on my kitchen counter. In Cleveland. Convenient right? Luckily, my fabulous neighbor overnighted them to us in Bordeaux. Essentially we could have just been stowaways on the TGV from Paris to Bordeaux because no one collected our tickets.

2) We stand up restaurants. Indirectly of course. My friend Lissa was kind enough to make a reservation at a highly recommended restaurant for Saturday night, however, we attempted to go to said restaurant on Monday. Ooos.

3) My friend Lindsay's French was coming back slowly with the help of a little cheat book, I tried to speak in Spanish and when that didn't work, I decided to try a British accent for whatever reason.

Next up - wine tasting in Bordeaux, chateaus galore and a vineyard in our backyard.

Back in the US of A....

After two glorious weeks away in France and Spain, my friends and I are slowly returning to our normal lives. The lives we were able to put on hold for two weeks and tour around Paris, the French countryside and beach and then around Barcelona and its spectacular beach.

So while I get back into the swings of work and the daily grind, my lovely friends over at CLE Clothing are offering one lucky reader quite the package - one tshirt, tote and pair of wine glasses.

two wine glasses could be yours....

Only one more place to cross off my list - London!

Perfect tote for grocery shopping or tailgating

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bonjour and hola

September 6 has almost arrived for my trip.

The trip I've been planning for over a year.

The trip that will be nothing short of spectacular.

The trip where I will fail at speaking French and hopefully get a C at speaking Spanish.

The trip that has already ignited my travel bug, fueling me with ideas for what my next destination could be in 2014.

September 6 marks the day

When I get back, I hope to see leaves on the ground and put on my Hunter boots with scarves, sweaters, leggings and light Fall jackets.

And to my cousins and brother on Browns opening day, I hope my ticket replacement is half as fun as I am! I'm tough competition seeing as you know he won't live tweet through the game or take any photos like I do, but have a blast and I'll see you guys at the next home game.

Opening day 2012 with Keith, Greg and Bryan....Go Browns!

xoxo summer

summer - you were amazing.

Friday: an outdoor yoga event

On Friday evening outside the Rock Hall, a few hundred (1,400 or so says Inner Bliss Yoga) gathered to participate in a 90 minute all levels flow under the stars and have a little dance party in the middle of the flow. 

before the flow started - a filter makes it look more magical

Paused my flow for a photo, Chill Pop Shop popsicles; yogi friends

Saturday: an engagement celebration

A very old friend kicked off her wedding season with an engagement party for family and friends. The countdown until next September for her wedding officially has started and my favorite part - the bachelorette party - which I plan to have a serious hand in planning in Cleveland.

the engaged couple

the entire bridal party (minus one) pictured

Sunday: the dirty bread tradition continues

As a kid, my family would host our family sometime throughout the summer for dirty bread. If you are Hungarian, you may call it by the actual name, szalonna bread, is a heart attack on a plate - you cook the bacon over a fire pit and press the bacon drippings onto rye or pumpernickel bread, add your veggies and sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika. Essentially, you are eating bacon fat bread. Like I said, it's delicious and totally worth indulging in once a summer.

Raise your hand if you need a three day weekend more often?