there's a new studio in town

In the fitness realm, there are very few things I wouldn't give a try once or twice for the sake of testing. I'm a huge advocate of running and hot yoga because it allows a person to clear their mind. Well, at least it does for me. You can totally clear your mind by losing yourself running and during yoga poses, even if there is music blasting in the background. I have only tried spinning twice and both times I have loved the energy of the room lit by candles and how intensely sweaty you get only minutes into the workout.

Cleveland has a new cycle studio opening up soon in Hingetown - Harness Cycle - just over the Detroit Bridge at Detroit and W. 29th. As the finishing touches are put on the actual studio space, riders can visit the Cycle LAB set up at 1810 W 25th (almost across the street from Nano Brew). Having met the owner over a year ago at a Bad Girl Ventures class I was speaking at, I'm happy to see all her hard work and spinning dreams finally come to life with her very own studio. And, it doesn't hurt that I can get to her studio with an easy 1.5 mile run from my apartment. That's of course IF I'm feeling up to running there and back AFTER I cycle my J.Lo off for an hour.

Cycle LAB in Ohio City

Instructor Charity setting up a rider before the ride begins

Instructors hosted a family and friends free ride last week and I even skipped a day of crossfit to ride with friends during one of Charity's classes. The next morning my upper body was sore from all the riding push ups and my legs needed some major stretching and H2O intake throughout the day after climbing all those damn hills. All signs of a solid workout.

If you are in the neighborhood or want to try a class because all your friends are doing it, check out the schedule and sign up here over the next few weeks until Harness shifts over into their final home base. I highly recommend all the instructors - you will find me at one of Charity's or Tiffany's classes - I highly recommend these women!