three days in Bordeaux

Bordeaux arrived at my doorstep last week in the form of 12 vibrant bottles of red and white wine from the Saint Emilion wine region.

special arrival from France

It was a pleasant surprise to have them arrive early and sent me back to that afternoon where my friends and I spent an hour in the most beautiful wine shop surrounded by Matt, our incredibly patient and impressive tour guide, and Hugo, the French version of Prince William. Tall, sort of quiet and shy with a full head of sandy hair and very soft blue eyes. I mean...he could be the new Christian Grey since it looks like the role is still open!

Tour guide Matt was right - he did have quite beautiful eyes that sold us three cases of wine and shipped across the Atlantic.

After three very touristy days spent in Paris, we arrived with Matt, our private tour guide, waiting to take us on our first day of wine tastings to the Medoc region, which was about forty minutes away from our hotel in Bouilac, just above the city of Bordeaux. Kudos to my friend Lindsay who suggested hiring a private tour guide because Matt was worth every s-i-n-g-l-e penny for his rich history knowledge of wine, Bordeaux and slow but stellar driving skills where he happily let us hop out and take EVERY single chateau photo we wanted along our drive.
Medoc region wine tasting

Chateau hopping in the Medoc region

A trip to France wouldn't have been complete if we left without taking cooking lessons from our hotel, Le Saint James, which overlooks the city of Bordeaux with the most breathtaking views at sunset. Out of all the hotels we stayed at, this was truly the most amazing one with impeccable service and an outstanding garden view that looked over the city with vineyards and twinkle lights when the sun finally went down over the patio.

Foie gras two ways and Lissa assisting Chef Ben

Celebrating Lindsay's birthday at our hotel restaurant

After spending five hours with us, tour guide Matt decided he could handle my friends and I for another day so he drove us to Saint Emilion for the afternoon with a guided tour in a 12th century church, catacombs, a leisurely lunch, the wine store with Hugo and a chance to sit on the steps of a medieval castle.

Touring a 12th century church in St. Emilion

The  most adorable and chic wine store

dream come true sitting in front of the castle

After three days, we wined and dined ourselves into the most delicious food and wine comas we could have asked for in Bordeaux. Next, we headed to the beach for the weekend to continue a little R&R in Biarritz, a small beach town along the coast of the Bay of Biscay that is NOT to be missed if you are in France.


Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Oh how I love living vicariously through your posts - what a FAB trip!! Wine souvenirs are the BEST! Enjoy!

Heather said...

I'm happy to come help you drink some of that wine. Really. Anytime.

JAMinCLE said...

What a dream come true!!! Those chateaus look magical... along with the entire wine hopping trip! Enjoy reliving it with those bottles of vino while looking at pics of Prince William ;)

Katelin said...

so yep, this looks like a dream. and i need to do this.