my weekly dates with crossfit

I drank the kool-aid that is crossfit.

Now before you stop reading this blog or send me texts that I’m going to “get too muscular,” just put your iPhone down and breathe. Better? Ok then.

Over the summer I started training with a friend in crossfit-like sessions with a group of girls. I absolutely loved it. I found myself getting up at 6:15 a.m. (that’s some kind of record for me) twice a week to be at the gym ready to push sleds, push press weight and do an ab routine that would get me Britney abs circa her 2000 VMA performance. (Yes, that one - the one with the most glittery gorgeous body suit that still sticks vividly in mind because still as an almost 31 year old, I'm vying for abs like that.) I even attended a community class on a Saturday at Birdtown and planned on joining the next month.

See? Abs of steel.
Then I made excuses. It’s too expensive. I don’t need it – I’ll do the routines in my gym, add running, Barre classes and keep with my once a week hot vinyasa yoga.

One big fat lie is what that was.

One BIG fat lie.

I wasn’t going in the weight room. I avoided it at all costs. I stuck with running and yoga but all the progress I made was quickly being lost and I realized that:

1) I need a trainer-like environment because I’m not going to do front squats for the hell of it

2) I like working out in a group dynamic and bonus when you are already friends with them

3) I needed to stop making excuses and just make the payment already

Two months ago, I messaged a blogger turned in real life friend and said, “Heather, I want to know what this Birdtown Crossfit is all about” after I saw an article highlighting all the risks involved with starting the crossfit program. She sent it to the BTC trainers and they shared a response with her to send to me. I signed up after reading their take on crossfit and hearing from Heather about the gym atmosphere.

Read Huffington Post and there is probably an article sharing how absolutely intimidating and terrible crossfit is for you. At Birdtown, I don’t find it to be either of those things – I focus on the movements first before I do too much weight incorrectly and blow out my back. 

What I’m not trying to be:
  • An American Gladiator – Don’t you remember how much fun it was to watch the Gladiators compete back in the day on USA? Yeah, well I’m NOT striving to look like Sky or Blaze but I am trying to finish the half marathon in 1:50, slicing 18 minutes off my time this year.
Gun show.
What I’m trying to be:
  • Stronger with every WOD – Do a real strict pull up and one of those kip up things where they swing themselves up over the bar ever so easily. Oh, and my mental inspiration board consists of a behind like J.Lo and abs like Britney.

I mean, after all, it's almost new year's resolution anyway right?


Heather said...

I love when you're at BTCF. It's always so much more fun! Now, if only you could come at 4:30 with me........ :)

Samantha Gluck said...

Good for you! I started Crossfit this past July and have been affected with OCD (obsessive crossfit disorder) ever since.

I'm a married mother of 4 and needed something more than just the gym, yoga, pilates, and running. Just like you!

I was a competitive athlete in the past, but hadn't done any "real" training in about 7 years. It began to show. Now in just a few short months, I'm stronger, hotter, and more confident! I've got the abs starting to show again and even my husband has started (a month ago).

I'm so happy to have stumbled across your blog!

Go hard or go home! Samantha

Beth @ CraveableCleveland said...

If anyone can motivate a girl to work out, it's Heather :).

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