still not a skier

February is the time where most people will have officially given up on new years resolutions. If it's working out, you will likely notice your gym being a lot less full this month, especially after Valentine's Day.

Last year when I returned from my second annual Snowshoe vacation, I vowed that I would get on a pair of skis. 2014 would be the year I declared!

Bree, organizer extraordinaire Gretchen; dance party; a few straggling pudding shots 

Ummmmmmm I can add that a list of my failed resolutions for my third trip to Snowshoe. I was reallllllly close to saying "screw it" and sign up for lessons and literally hope I became instantly more athletic and ski all day with my friends.

Now that I joined reality again, I realized that taking a few lessons at Brandywine may make more sense instead of pretending to be anything representing some sort of junior high version of Picabo Street. And quite honestly, I would more than likely be like the kindergarten version of her instead of the 13-year-old version.

No kids were harmed in my attempts to snow tube. 

Every year brings new friends to the house, which can really mean anything when you spend 36 hours with with complete strangers. But one couple out did themselves (even with my addition of my delicious chocolate fireall and pistachio pudding shots) by bringing out the GoPro and setting up a Real World style confessional in the laundry room. Two nights, 24 people, two kegs, countless pudding shots and late night pizza.... I can't wait to see the edited version.

Make shift Real World confessional = best idea yet


Katelin said...

oh man that video sounds like a gem in the making. love it.

Fizzgig said...

that is some great memories in the making with the video!!

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