the one where I take off my shoes

I knew these shoes were trouble when I purchased them at the last minute for the Jump Back Ball.

death to those strappy black shoes for a steal of $20
On Friday evening, it became very apparent that no matter how much I begged and pleaded with UPS to release my gold and black sparkly Nicole Miller Rent the Runway dress, they were going to hold it hostage and miss my delivery date for the event. I may or may have not held a small pity party for myself but quickly realized I had a beautiful David Meister back up dress and just needed a pair of heels to pull off my new look.

Little padding and a high heel = shoe-i-cide.

I found out just how truly uncomfortable the shoes were at hour four of wearing them and did the unthinkable inside the beautifully historic State Theater. I carefully peeled my shoes from my aching feet revealing two thick indents over my toes where the straps were and went barefoot for the rest of the night.

Yes, gasp all you want (I still am at myself) but oh how amazing my feet felt when they could breathe and function again. Also, for those ladies who are shaking their heads in disapproval of me, I even reinforced these shoes with gel inserts but without a platform toe, I was doomed from the start.

Still shaking my head at myself for this!

Aside from being THAT girl who was barefoot with friends dancing in front of the speakers to a remix of Baby One More Time, take a look through my iPhone's photos to see what my friends and I were up to for other portions of the 23rd annual Jump Back Ball: Shaken not Stirred.

Donna, Kelly, Lisa and Shibani; Carrie and Donna dancing with the band; vodka galore
Everyone wanted to rock the Pharrell's hat we brought, even the singer from Your Villian My Hero

Tara, Carrie, Donna and me; cocktails all around; Donna with the best prop of the night

Another February, another Jump Back Ball down for the books. If you missed out this year, keep your eyes peeled for the ticket kick off party next November because it may just sell out faster than 10 days for next year's event.

Disclaimer: As part of my partnership with PlayHouse Square for Jump Back Ball, I was contracted to write about the event how I see fit. Hat not included. Hair provided by Laine at Charles Scott Salon and Spa in Westlake - I absolutely loved the curly wrapped wave thing I had going on.


Heather said...

Meh, who cares if you took off your shoes - you look beautiful!!!

Katelin said...

you look fabulous!

Fizzgig said...

great looking shoes are to be seen for short periods of time. No one could last 4+ hours in most of their heels, you did pretty well!

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