luck of the irish

How many times can one celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

To be specific, three days is the perfect amount of time to celebrate a holiday that is known with anything and everything to do with leprechauns, green beer and corned beef sandwiches.

Day 1: Celebrate with a 5 mile race, family and your favorite running partner followed by a carb-fueled brunch, lots of laughing, consistent ordering of bloody marys and mimosas and summer vacation planning.

Running partner Melissa; best costumes I saw; runners at the 2 mile mark

Family of a few first timers for the St. Malachi race

Day 2: Celebrate with a Sunday Funday with friends and a box of Lucky Charms because it props make anything better.
Bar snacks; the double selfie goes viral; mustache straws

Day 3: Celebrate with a single Guinness, tater tots with corn beef and cabbage for a low-key celebration in 20 degree weather

no green beer for this girl

One of these years, I'll finally make it to the parade that is only a few streets away my house and check that off my Cleveland bucket list.


Blog - The New Black said...

Seems like an awesome celebration! I raged a little too hard post-race and it took me out of commission for the rest of the weekend ;)

Fizzgig said...

i live a mile from downtown here as well and never seem to make it to the st pattys day parade. It's good to have goals! celebrating a holiday with a run is always a great way to start it off! then you can drink guilt free!

Katelin said...

Who needs a parade when you've got Lucky Charms? Seriously looks like you celebrated St. Patrick's Day perfectly.