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start investing

As someone who can maybe be labeled as an "impulse buyer" as I walk through Target or Sephora, I would assume that many people have my problem with the shiny end caps at the end of every aisle. The end caps always suck me in with their sale on candles or travel-sized body lotions - who can resist?!?

Over the years of wasting money on ridiculous items, I compiled a few things to stop wasting your money on and start investing today. That is, if you can resist the temptation while at the store....

Sports Bras - It's important. Oh my god is it important! As an avid runner, crossfitter and yoga devotee, invest now in a few that will last you a few years versus the non-supportive ones that will slowly unravel with each wash. And keep an eye on We Made Too Much to score a few of my favorite Lululemon ones on a major discount.

Drugstore hair color - Save yourself money and just don't get hooked on this. It's not a quick fix - a $8.99 bottle will turn into one hell of a mess that you will spend over $150 fixing if you grab the wrong color. Instead of using this every month, try finding an Aveda salon where students will cut and style your hair for half the cost, highlight under the first few layers so it grows out more evenly or try a version of ombre.

Shoes - I'm talking the crappy high heels that are such a steal for $29 until you lose circulation in your feet after 6 hours of wear and the next morning you find your feet with indents, reminding yourself to never again buy them because you will never be able to put them back on your feet. You might as well have thrown $29 out the window.

Cheap skin lotions - The watery face ones may be the worst offenders. Or maybe even the said watery ones that you use for a few days until your normal face lotion arrives in the mail or you can get to the store, but before then, you break out like a 7th grader again because your skin is rejecting the watery lotion. Over the past few years, I've narrowed down these bad purchases and stick with Kiehl's for my every day face lotion. It works, it moisturizes and leaves me break-out free.

Bottled water - Let's all agree to just spend money on a water bottle, throw some sliced lemons in it and call it a day. I even like to keep a pack of Nuun with me if I need to pump up my H20 intake.

The sticky and gooey lipgloss - It could be clear or a sheer shade of bright pink that you think will be the perfect-I-don't-care-if-I-lose-it kind until you put it on, walk outside and a light breeze blows your hair right into lips and it sticks permanently. Then, you have to carefully pull it off, wipe it off of the strands so that lip gloss caked strands doesn't get on the other hair. It's a process people! So stick with a Chapstick or throwback to your younger years with your favorite Lip Smacker or the amazing Rosebud Salve. Or, my other fail proof is lipstick - lasts longer with a lip liner and your hair will not get all caught up in it.

things not to waste your money on

spending freeze is over and so should this weather

For the whole entire month of January,  I put myself on a shopping freeze. A real freeze - not a frost bite but a real down-and-dirty-ignoring-all-promotional-holiday-emails type of freeze.

No clothes, no shoes, no faux leather sweatpants and absolutely NO amazing jewel encrusted statement necklaces or arm party bangle bracelets no matter how many times I wanted to write "sold" in the comments section from Accessory Concierge Mondays and Wednesdays nights at 8 p.m. CST.

It appears we are approaching Spring or should at least be approaching the new season based on the calendar year, however, Mother Nature seems to have something different in mind for the Midwest with storm Vulcan heading our way this week.

I'm closing my ears, ignoring weather updates and focusing on light colors, wedge sandals, dresses, skirts and bare legs because at some point, spring must grace us with her presence and I need to ease some color back into my dark grey, black and leather staples from this winter season.

Even if it isn't well into April until I consistently feel a balmy 54 degrees on my translucent skin, I'm ready to spend those Piperlime rewards on a pair of open-toed Rachel Roy nude heels that I have patiently waiting in my cart to go on sale.

Until then, I'm dreaming of these pieces and much much more.

spring me forward

at the moment

I've become increasingly obsessed with a few items that I have been stalking my favorite sites to add to my closet. Remember when I shared I keep a list of clothes to buy on my iPhone? Yes, I really do that because 1) it helps me stay organized 2) reminds me of what is worthy to splurge or save on.

Let me introduce you to my new favorite accessories store - Accessory Concierge. A trusty Chicago friend introduced me to this page after I repeatedly commented on how I loved the statement necklace I saw in photos.

Like their page and welcome to the amazing world of accessories!

Voila! It was from Accessory Concierge for half the price you would have paid at J. Crew. They have sales on specific days, make sure to be on Facebook when their photo album goes on sale and write "sold" on the photo you want and it will be yours. (You have to install the Soldsie app on your page but it's super simple and let's you order instantly!)

pave necklace and McQueen knock off scarf

my most favorite necklace ordered so far. Perfect for dresses and t-shirts

Over the past few months, Birchbox has introduced me to two staples in my make up bag -
Dr. Lipp nipple lip balm and Dr. Jart BB Cream. You can't go wrong with these products. Really, you simply can't. Your lips feel incredibly luscious, soft with a hint of shine and even the palest skin looks completely even without looking gray with this BB cream.
you won't regret this.

a light layer, every day.

And my last favorite piece so far is my jean jacket from the Gap. It was the perfect price (25% off!) and fit for what has been a staple in my outfits (I wear this in some way at least 2-3 days a week). I can't get enough of it.

Expect to see me in this. A lot!
Happy shopping!

spring wardrobe upgrade

If you live in the midwest, you know the weather is up and down like a single girl's dating life. Sometimes you have guys coming out of the woodwork and then it's a complete drought and you find only the strangest of guys coming up to you at bars.

Well, the weather and specifically spring is like that for Clevelanders. For instance, this weekend it was over 60 degrees on Sunday and then only a few days later we have flurries and are bundled up in our wool winter coats and leather gloves.

Even with our sporadic weather,  I am daydreaming of springtime runs outdoors, Sunday funday  patio brunches, and a lavender pedicure with wedge sandals, bright colored jeans and a sleevless leather shirt in my head. No jacket required!

Each season, I start a running list of clothes, shoes and accessories I want to add to my ever-growing closet. It may be something I see in Lucky, on the Refinery 29 or even what is Harper's (obviously found at an affordable price) so I don't forget and can correctly prioritize on what to splurge on and what to pick up at H&M versus Piperlime. For exampke - do I buy the pair of Ash metallic sneakers or opt for the exact same ones  in black for a quarter of the price at Target? You do the math.

apparently my money is growing on trees on my patio.

A few of my favorites - bold ankle straps, lace, light neutrals and cargo. Leather is optional!

For jewelry, I'm all about the mixed metal look with chains and moving away from the brightly colored bauble necklaces of the past two years. Think double gold cuffs with stackable rings and then a chain party around your neck of rose, titanium and gold.

All jewelry can be found on my new obsession - Baublebar

What's on your shopping list this season? Sneaker wedges? Lace mini dress or a leather mini skirt?

Get out those wallets ladies and let the shopping season begin!

Fall fashion according to Saks Fifth Avenue

If you follow fashion even the tiniest bit, you know that Fashion Week has come and gone and probably noticed that each city was throwing a party or five in honor of Fashion Week's kick off almost two weeks ago.
Champagne and fashion - ready to go!
A few local bloggers were invited to attend Fashion Preview from Saks in Beachwood and I instantly said yes, which prompted me to email my shopping partner, Cleshopaholic, to make sure she was booked for evening with me and fashion we can hope to purchase one day. Or, being the savvy shoppers that we are, we wait for Saks' fabulous online sales and then we clean house at a much with that much more stuff! Genius, I tell you!

Hallie the event organizer; fur vest and a structured tote, yes please!
The group was given a preview to all the fall trends from clothes to shoes to handbags, treated to a progressive dinner held at each stop around the store and an even bigger treat of a gift bag from Estee Lauder and a look at a new line called "Aerin."

Aerin, new line from Estee Lauder. Very fresh, pretty daytime look. As seen in this month's Lucky.
When you flipped through your favorite September issue of Lucky, Harper's Bazaar or Vogue, there are some distinct trends from decorative fabrics like velvet or fur, statement coats like a structured pea coat (which makes me wish I had my grandfather's navy one still), smoking slippers, leather everywhere (leather detail in jackets, leather skirts, leather pants) and all in a dark color palette of plums, wines, forest green, pine and navy.
*Almost* walked out of there with this vest

My favorites this upcoming season?
  • Leather anything - I have my eye on RueLaLa and Gilt for one.
  • Fur vests
  • Cap toe pumps
  • Colors: navy and eggplant
What I will not wear this season?
  • Smoking slippers. No, no and no. I will not wear these. I had the same feeling when pajamas were worn in the spring.
  • Shearling. No vests or coats for this girl. I can't put my finger on why but it's simply not my cup of tea.

my shopping partner in crime
What trends are on your radar for this season? Or what have you ordered, purchased, returned and then bought again because you have to have it?

arm candy 2.0

When I think back to my childhood, my personal style really hasn't changed that much when it comes to the jewelry department. I only knew one way to wear bracelets and that was all of them at the same time on both wrists so that when I ran around, my mom at least could hear me and knew I was alive.

I pretty much took the same approach when it came to earrings and necklaces - the bigger the better....

That little trend has carried through my whole life whether it was wearing multiple scrunchies from my wrist to my elbow in junior high to gold sparkly bangles in college to cuffs on both wrists last month.

Don't believe me?
Of all the crazy things happening in this photo, let's just focus on the 10 bracelets per wrist.

Big earrings, necklace, white gloves and lipstick stain - check!

Now at 29, I'm still a huge fan of anything sparkly on my wrists, neck, hands and ears and the bigger, the better - like I said, not that much has changed since my early years and probably not even the way I organized it.

this needs some organization

While it's a little too early to create a new pinboard for my fall must-have items (even though I can't wait for tall boots and jackets), I created one for all the mix and match jewelry style I am in love with and can't get enough of gold, rose gold and silver combinations. You can never mix too many metals at once, right?

too many to choose from!

never too much gold, right?

What's on my list of must-have-on-my-wrist-right-this-second?

Nadri pave bangles - one of each color please!

aqua, gold and grey Alexis Bittar bracelets please. so pretty!

Are you more minimalist with a few key pieces or bring-on-the-bling kind of girl where you can't be wearing too much jewelry?

Obviously, you know what side of the fence I fall on....

spring and summer closet cleaning

When I moved into this apartment back in October (my does time fly), I made a conscious effort to clean house, literally, and donate all the clothes I haven't worn in two seasons.

How many black t-shirts did I need? Or why the hell did I still have that turquoise silk shirt? Or, my god, I really need to stop buying something because it's a good deal because I had a handful of clothes with tags on them that were never worn. What a waste!

A friend called me over on a lazy Saturday last month to help declutter her closet and help her refine her style. We all get stuck in style ruts, me included, but I've been more thoughtful about my clothing purchases and my style as of late. A little more put together if you will.

So, where did I start?

Huge donation pile
My friend Nic and I dug headfirst into her amazing walk-in closet to comb through a forest of long-sleeved Gap, Old Navy and Banana shirts, jeans from six seasons ago and enough bright colored tshirts to dress an entire sorority. We took several cheese and wine breaks because this closet was a hell lot of work. Anyway, I think I'm pretty good at helping people fine their inner fashionista, while I can't sew to save my life, style... style I can do.

cowboy hat helped me make assess the situation
My friend admitted she was stuck, didn't know where to start and enlisted our help to redefine her style - now or never.

Nic showing his opinion of prints
Rule #1 - Assess your closet of things you haven't worn in two seasons. I cut all of that out because if I haven't worn in two fall seasons, what makes me think I'm going to wear it now?

Rule #2 - Organize your closet by clothing types - this works well for me versus colors because it helps me visualize an outfit. For instance, a fitted t-shirt with a pair of skinny jeans or a a bright purple dress with those stilettos, etc.

Rule #3 - Make a list of the staples for each season. What was on my list? A new trench, spring jacket, a white blazer, casual khakis in bright colors and espadrilles.

Rule #4 - Just because it's on sale, doesn't mean you need it. Clearly, this is a lesson I'm learning after having to purge a list of shirts and pants I've never worn of "when I lose that weight to get into them." Guilty. Check!

Rule #5 - Stock up on the basics each season. I always buy new white shirts and tank tops because I wear the hell out of them, especially in the summer.

Rule #6 - Be mindful of prints. Let's be honest - we are all guilty of picking up everything hounds-tooth or animal-printed, or at least I am! I'd rather accessorize with jewelry or throw on a printed scarf rather than decorated in some crazy printed shirt that makes me look like I'm a member Von Trapp family wearing a curtain.

bright colors for spring, all from H&M

What are your top season's must haves and closet organizing secrets?

spring shopping time with the Gap

With this incredible surge of 70 and almost 80 degree weather in Cleveland, I need new spring clothes. Let's just get right to the point. After digging through my knee-high and Hunter boots in my closet, I found two pairs of cheap (and the best) simple Old Navy flip flops to slip on instead of covering my translucent feet with shoes for the past week, reminding me that I need new shoes stat.

Toms - the perfect casual, kick around shoe, don't you think?

I kept digging through to find a mix of black, grey and navy for summer - navy tank dress, black cropped pants, black tank dress, navy skirt and the list goes on.

I'm in need of some color.


With the help of a 25% code at Gap, I picked up a few basics to add to my closet for spring and clearly one choice was vetted by the one and only Cleshopaholic - when in doubt, email or tweet her.

can never have too many basic white tees in my closet

not sure if yellow is my color or not but I'll try anything once

bold colored pants are all the rage

adds instant color to the most boring outfit

Now it's time to update your wardrobe with a pair of jeans from the Gap - colored, blue or black- your choice - one pair up to $90 - could be yours.

How to Enter

Two ways to win:
1) Leave a comment about what pair of jeans you would purchase - the legging jean (my all time favorite was the ponte legging jean), sexy boyfriend, trouser, always skinny, long and lean? Include your Twitter handle or email address in the comment so I can contact you if you win. Got it?

2) OR Tweet the following - @Gap jean me this spring from @allisonpeltz giveaway

Enter as many times as you like. Contest ends Wednesday, March 28, and winner will be selected quickly after that. CONTEST CLOSED; winner be will notified.

Disclosure - You better believe I'm a Gap Ambassador and am randomly gifted from the fashion fairies at Gap with jeans, scarves and other surprises for myself and readers. This coupon is one of those gifts to my beautiful readers.

at the moment

i'm in love with these girls. I can't get enough of Sophia Grace and Rosie.

chandelier earrings, can never have too many in my book

on sale makes it even better

new flat black clutch that I've been wanting for months. hello new friend!

complete with a gold chain arm strap

hmmmmm I could find somewhere to wear these, but, the question is will my friends want to go out with me?

Harem sequin pants are so in. well, maybe not.

all three of my favorite girl scout cookies - tagalongs, caramel delights and thin mints

one year older.....

.....and a lot wiser, smarter, more sparkly, vivacious and excited for my year as a 29 year-old.

So as I thought of ways to celebrate my impending birthday, I made a pretty extensive list on my iPhone called "presents to buy myself." Pretty straight to the point.

It's been a list I've been building and dreaming of items to add to my wardrobe since the summer time. Just a handy list of shoes, clothes and purses I add to my Pinterest page or something I read about that I must have. Or dream about buying one day.

And on this iPhone list includes.....
  • Tory Burch flats

  • Louis Vuitton Neverfull

  • Tory Burch clutch

  • Alexander McQueen scarf
Because I don't have an unlimited bank account and as my dad says, "Money doesn't grow on trees," I can't pick up everything on my wish list at once but I love having a list to work toward. To reward and treat myself. Treat yo self!

Off my list, I chose a nice piece of jewelry to rock on my wrist alone or with a group of other bracelets depending on my mood. Accessories are key my blog friends. Absolutely key to any outfit.

I can tell time now!

Happy 29th birthday to  me!

where you should be on February 25

Where will you be on February 25th?

Do you know?

Do you want plans?

I will be with 800+ other people dancing the night away, sipping martinis out of ice luges and hanging out at the 21st annual Jump Back Ball. The party consists of two amazing bands, Tricky Dick and the Cover Ups (late night band) and RadioActive (main stage), who played the event last year.

So much fun.

There's also delicious food and open bar which is included in your ticket price, and the VIP food will be catered by AMP 150 again this year. All this fun can be yours for either VIP tickets for $200 or general admission at $170 each. (That's my best Price is Right impersonation!) The money raised from this event goes to PlayHouseSquare's not-for-profit mission and raised $140,000 last year.

Last year, I was chosen as one of the JBB bloggers where I shared about the event and kicked myself for not going sooner to this party that I heard all my downtown friends talk about.

Typically overheard from my friends:

"You'vvvvvvvvvveeee never been?"

"How is thissssss even possible?"

After attending last year and inviting a group of new attendees, that same group purchased tickets again for this year and we've already started to plan our outfits as to what we will wear. (Fascinator anyone?)

My friend Katie found her dress last year at Nordstrom's and realized she needed to pick that up for this year's party upon seeing a girl wear it at the event and she looked hot. The theme is Through the Looking Glass and some people do get dressed up in theme, which is totally awesome by the way, so I hope someone comes dressed as the Queen of Hearts or the Mad Hatter or even Alice for that matter.

So last year, I posted a few dresses as possible options and I'm leaning toward officially doing Rent the Runway for reals this year.

Black Tibi Black Mini Dress

Gold Glimmer Herve Leger
Navy Yigal Azrouel with chain shoulder detail

Nicole Miller from the front

From the back

While I have over a month to find a dress, I guarantee you that I will be scrambling last minute to find something to wear out of my friends' closets as the date comes closer.

And, if you are interested in coming, I suggest you purchase your tickets very quickly. If you are on the fence, you should come and here's a first timer's guide to answer any of your questions. The event sells out so it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when the event sells out and you don't want to miss this either.

Disclosure: I received a free ticket in exchange for blogging about this fabulous event I was going to attend. I'm bringing a girl friend who hasn't been and is equally excited to attend her first JBB.

a few of my favorite things

Ever since I lost some much needed lbs., I've been making a list on iPhone of clothes I need to buy to glitz up my fall wardrobe. I'm also a HUGE fan of Pinterest and literally build my wardrobe within my boards. Check out my "what I want for fall" one.

Anyway, I like to find a good balance between buying trendy pieces at Forever21 and H&M and mixing in some quality pieces that will last for season after season. It may cost a little more but I know I'm making a serious fashion investment for my future. (Or at least that's what I tell myself when I look at the price tags of some of the things I pick out!) I've checked a few of my items off my list already and have a few more to add to my closet.

I was in desperate need to replace my 5-year-old Uggs, which were Oprah's favorite things mind you, with a boot that I can wear in the rainy days and through Cleveland's rough winters. Alas, behold my new Hunters. I picked these up on an amazing Gilt sale a few weeks ago.

Glossy black for me

I love my winter coats and like to have different options. You need a pea coat, a bomber, a winter white dressy one and I needed a new black coat too. I bought a Tahari coat like this one from Gilt too but the collar is different and flips around my face. I flipping love it!

Love the high collar!

I've been wanting a structured blazer - something not so typical. A jacket to throw on with jean leggings with pumps to dress up what would otherwise be a casual work outfit.

The grey pants don't do this coat justice.

What's next on my list you ask? Well, it's pretty long but this scarf has quickly risen to the top.

I've been dreaming of this scarf for over a year in multiple colors. The black, or navy with red too - I'd wear the hell out of it. Every day I swear. RIP McQueen.

McQueen scarf
As we enjoy the last month or so of fall and head into winter, what do you want you to add to spice up your wardrobe? New riding boots, winter coat, fur vest?