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Shortest fuse

Friday, November 6, 2009
Canon Ball! This entire week I have been a loose canon. Not only do I have the shortest attention span, I also have a shorter fuse more than ever this week.

[Editor's note: I apologize in advance for anyone I hung up on without saying goodbye. You know I have bad phone etiquette especially when I think the conversation is over but you still keep talking on the other end. I will try not to do that anymore.]

I have dropped one too many f-bombs for no apparent reason.

I have yelled at my computer when it freezes.

I have yelled at for the ridiculousness it calls news with Jon Gosselin. Take a poll, please, because Americans would ask you to stop reporting. Remember when E! News asked viewers if they were done with Heidi and Spencer? And they stopped reporting about them.

I am continually freaked out by the serial killer living in Cleveland.

Did I mention I've threatened to throw my computer? As if it even knows this....

I have deleted one too many friend e-mails about possible weekend plans. (I'm working and can't be distracted because if I am, my Explorer window would freeze.)

Whew. I feel better.

Even with my crazy emotional roller coaster that could kick Millenium Force's ass, I still made it through this week intact - or at least I think I did. Maybe we have to ask the BF for a better opinion.

We will now return to your regularly scheduled program version of Allison.

Happy Friday and I need a Christmas Ale.

I got you babe

The word "babe" is often used from one person to another person as a sign of affection when you are in a relationship of sorts.

Babe, can you hand me the remote?
What do you want to do tonight, babe?
Can I open the door for you, babe?

However, nothing ticks me off more than when the BF calls other female friends "babe." When other guys refer to me as "babe" or any other pet names and we aren't dating, I'm slightly weirded out and think I'm in the movie Clueless. It comes off as creepy, insincere and completely fake to me.

So, I pointed it out to him because he mostly does it when he hangs up the phone and these girls may have the same opinion as me so I decided I needed to have an intervention. To break the ice, I figured I'd just blurt it out in true Allison fashion after I heard the dreaded word again.

"OK, I'll talk you later, babe." and hangs up the phone.
(Like scratching your nails on a chalkboard to my ears.....)

Me- Why do you call other girls babe and then try to call me it too?
BF- I don't know, I just always say it.
Me- Well, I think it's creepy when guys I'm not dating call me pet names. Don't you?
BF- I'm not being creepy and I don't even know I'm saying it.
Me - Well, the girls might think it's weird but have never told you it to your face.
BF- No, they don't.
Me - OK, so maybe you aren't creepy but it's still weird. But, either call them babe or me, pick one and it can't be both.

Awhile later I also started this conversation in front of his friends, and his friend, Mike, agreed with me after noticing he called his girlfriend "babe."

Well, I made my point clear for once in our relationship and if he hears himself say it, he kind of does this "damn I said it" silent reaction where shrugs his shoulders or mouths "dammit" and we both start laughing.