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the one where I learn my lesson

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
You know the old saying, "You get what you pay for?" I refer to it often when I'm rationalizing a big purchase such as furniture, a computer or a purse. (Yes, it always goes back to purses somehow.)

I don't seem to apply this motto to other key items. Why? I don't know. I try to cut corners at stupid places. However, I have learned my lesson. I really did.

It all started when I thought I could to go this this place to get an eye exam. (Editor's Note: I NEVER go there. I eliminated my limited shopping visits and make a point never to go in there. I thought saving $30 was worth it. It's not.) After two unsuccessful visits and major headaches from a prescription and what I still think is an inadequate eye exam, I'm taking myself to another office where I've gone in the past and had great service.

That brings me to today. I went for what I was hoping was a routine eye exam.

Oh, how I am eating my words.

As the doctor is examining my eyes..

Doctor: "Hmm. Are your eyes always this red?"
Me: "I didn't think they were that red."
Doctor: "Do you sleep in your contacts?"
Me: "No, not in years."
Doctor: "Do you notice your contacts being hard to remove?"
Me: "Well, yes, especially after I get out of the shower."
Doctor: "I need to use a few drops of yellow dye to get a better look at your eye."
Me: Thinking, what the hell is going on with my large pupils now?!

I think these are all routine questions until she tells me that my contacts may be too tight on my eyeballs. She notices cells missing on my eyeballs from my contacts being too tight and it's changing the shape of my eyeball, therefore, I'm not able to have 20/20 in one eye.

As I stare at her blurry face trying to make out her features, she tells me that I need to wear my glasses for six days and use eye drops every hour for the first day, every two hours the day after that and then four times a day until I see her next Monday. This way, she will be able to get a better read on my vision because the shape of my eyeball can affect my vision.

At this point, all I'm thinking are dollar signs because I sure as hell can't really see her through my blurry vision. Somehow I always end up with stupid expensive appointments. I had a $500 cough two months ago and now, by my own stupidity, I have to pay for two eye exams at and $20 eye drops. Why $20 eye drops? Well I can't use the one in the bottle, I need the no preservative eye drops with individual capsules. Of course!

The BF thought it would be better if I vlog about my experience because he wanted to point out my large pupils and eyeballs, but it didn't go quite as planned as because I was interested in playing along.

So, for the next six days, I'm going to be wearing seven-year-old glasses and an out of date prescription, which causes me to see perfectly fine up close but I can't see clear 30 feet in front of me. Only me, I tell you, only me.

pain in my neck

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
For almost the past month, I've had a pain in my neck. It's pretty annoying. For awhile, I needed to maneuver my whole body to turn my head as if I had a neck brace on.

At first I thought it was work related. Work came and went and I still have the pain.

Then I thought it was relationship related. But, he's still here and I still have the pain. (I think he will always cause some kind of pain though, right?)

Sometimes it's more prevalent than other days and I can't pin point what the hell is going on.

I haven't changed anything related to my sleeping either. I have the same pillows and sleeping routine. (If you are interested, I sleep on my side and hug a pill and wrap the blankets around my feet. The BF mocks me for this routine but it's mine and not changing.)

It's better but now the pain is creeping up my neck to the right side of my head. Great, now my head is throbbing and no amount of pain killers is helping. What the hell is going inside this head of mine?

So, I'm taking any advice (other than seeing a doctor because clearly I need that) so send me your tips.

Can you hear me now?

After much thought and self evaluation, I've come to a major conclusion: I am loud.

Nothing I seem to do is ever quiet.

I talk loud. I sneeze loud. I blow my nose extremely loud. I type loud. I answer the phone loud. I even walk loud. I put my heels down first then my toes which makes this pounding noise when you run upstairs and makes a loud clicking noise in heels. (My mom does the same thing so it must be genetic.)

I even manage to put things away loudly. Every morning, when I'm trying really hard to be quiet and not wake the BF up, I seem to knock something over. EVERYTIME.

If I'm putting away the tooth paste, I accidentally hit the deodorant which falls, knocking over my face lotion that creates this domino effect of noise in my cabinet. It's even worse when you accidentally cause this domino effect and it sends your new perfume flying and crashing onto the bathroom floor.

Glass + falling fast + tile floor don't mix well. At all.

WTF! How is that possible? Or, I open the bathroom door which is so close to the flat iron cord, pulling it off the counter because the cord gets stuck on the door stopper and it sends the flat iron crashing onto the tile floor. (If you want to purchase one more often, keep doing this because pretty soon the paddles will come out. Chi loves my clumsiness.)

I'm a klutz or as the BF says, a bull in a china shop. He sometimes lovingly refers to me as Sammy the bull.