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too much fun

While I should be blogging about what fun I had this weekend, which included a bachelorette party and a relaxing and lazy pool day with my friend and the most adorable bulldog puppy, Mira, instead I'm done. Stick in a fork in me - Too much laughing, drinking and not enough sleeping.

I'll leave you with a little humor from the Real Housewives franchise - the hilarious trainwreck from the DC show.

What is Michaele doing? Is that how I look dancing because I have no rhythm and clearly neither does she?

Bump it? 


While the song isn't about the hair accessory, wouldn't it be ah-mazing if someone sang a song called "scrunchie?" I think it would be hysterical. AND, even better if Rebecca Black sang it.

give me back my snooki

Let me go on the record and say, I don't think any amount of "making over" Snooki is necessary.

Hello! America loves her for the short, bouncy guidette that she is.

Insider Edition, don't take away her signature bump! If you do, she looks like every other dark-haired little mama hitting the clubs on the Saturday night on the Jersey Shore.

Look at her made over! You don't want to call her Snooki. You want to call her Nicole or Nikki or Nicolette or even Mrs. Snooki. Snooki doesn't roll of your tongue as nicely when you see her in a tailored dress instead of the "shirts" she buys at Rave and Deb and wears as a dress.

This is how we like to see her. Bump, pouty lips, long faux nails and a pair of aviators dangling off her hand. Although with the $10,000 she is making an episode, let's upgrade the bag to something like a Gucci, honey. You will have all the guidettes screaming your name then.

reality bites

Remember when you could flip TV on any night and find a real drama or comedy show? It doesn't seem like that long ago but with all the trash on TV, I can't remember the time a new show started and lasted longer than 6 episodes on ABC or NBC.

While flipping through channels last night, I saw a promo for a "show" that put me over the edge on VH1. Apparently VH1 thinks people care about this bimbo named Megan who was on one of the Rock of Love's with Bret Michaels. It's called Megan Wants a Millionaire. Barf, gag, this is ridiculous.

Newsflash VH1 execs - no one cares about her!

Haven't we all had enough with the Daisy of Love show? You are cutting music videos out of your rotation for that! It further proves my point that people are famous for absolutely nothing anymore besides having a sex tape.

Let's review these scripted shows we call reality:

The Hills - Don't get me started.
Rock of Love - Where do these girls come from?
Brooke Knows Best - I think I see cue cards.
Keeping up the Kardashians - Make a sex tape, get a show.
Paris Hilton's my BFF - Ditto what Kim did.
Charm School - Get a second wind from Rock of Love or Flavor Flav
Bromance - Amazing what happens when you openly acknowledge you got on the Hills to date those girls.
NYC Prep - Flabbergasted that their parents allowed Bravo to showcase their children in such a negative light.
Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami - Get a DUI, poof - you get a show.

As a TV viewer, I'm getting a little frustrated with all the nitwits who are now famous for absolutely no reason. I used to love Real World when it first was introduced back when I was in junior high. Hell, I even auditioned when I was college, only to receive a rejection letter which pleased both of my parents. At that point, it seemed more real and these people weren't famous for being huge media whores or just whores in general. They might have went on a spring break or two, but they weren't gracing the covers of every tabloid or at red carpet events.

There are these people called actors who have actual talent and star in films and TV shows who bring characters to life. Then there are these fabulous people called screenwriters who craft amazing ideas and story lines to entertain us on this little thing called a TV.

Please come back. All of you of real actors, producers and screen writers. To save us from these other idiots.

Am I the only one who is over the bimbo shows? Do you love or hate reality TV?

the hills are alive

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Dear Mark Burnett productions,

Let me be the first to say no one in their right mind wants to see a scripted show about Audrina Patridge.

"Patridge has inked a deal with Mark Burnett Productions (the company behind the popular franchise Survivor) to star in a new series that will follow her personal and professional life."

No one cares. No one cares about her life after she's done filming the Hills. She's not an actress. And what profession? She's famous for doing nothing and truly not that interesting to warrant her own show.

What could she possibly do that's interesting?
Take off her clothes? Um, she did that already.
Have a sex tape? Well, I'm sure that already exists and her publicist is just waiting to release it. (This is what makes women famous for some stupid reason now.)
Walk around half naked? Check
Talk in catch phrases? O.M.G. like I know, right.

Maybe these girls will graduate to the OC Housewives one day.

Move over, momma

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
I'm disturbed by Ryan Seacrest's new reality show.

Sidenote - When we will be done with reality shows? Haven't we seen enough with Flavor of Love, Bad Girls Club and Paris Hilton's My BFF? And when will Ryan share his tanning secrets with us?

Apparently, the answer is no and never because Ryan and his blond tips have developed, filmed and even finished editing this show - Momma's Boys.

What the F is that about? Who thought this was going to be a good idea? Not that we haven't received overkill from the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, (Jesse I love you and still hope you are the next Bachelor) but what genius thought this would be a grand idea?

I think it's enough to have girls or guys compete for affection by going through a strange series of tests to prove their love, but do we really need to throw their mothers into the mix?

Poor ladies - you know those mommas will be over the top, over protective and over dramatic with their little ones. I have a feeling this show will be tragic. Hopefully, for NBC, it's as entertaining as I Love New York because just maybe I'll watch an episode or two.

No one wants to date a momma's boy - in real life or in reality.

What stories do you have about dating a momma's boy or daddy's girl?