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festivities abound

As I woke up this morning, I somehow developed a wicked head cold from essentially having too much fun this weekend. I am being punished and it was well worth it.

Friday: dinner with college roommates and welcoming a Chicago friend back to her old stomping grounds

Mel and Lissa; dropping in on a Veuve party at Press in Tremont

Saturday: celebrating Diwali traditions with friends. Too much food, laughter and gambling to properly document the occasion.

Indian street food prepared by Cleshopaholic; friends with bindis and the Festival of Lights with sparklers

Finished product of deliciousness

Sunday: braving the elements for my first time finally tailgating in the muni lot this season.

what 41 degree tailgating looks like

Fall weather has kicked in, my wardrobe needs to be updated like woah and my favorite holiday is only 24 days away. Let's get at it, November!

a little mix of this and that

My response to my friends who asked me what my plans for the past two days were simple - I wanted a "boring yet productive weekend." I was serious. It was go time.

Friday: an evening with fashion and fetish at the Western Reserve Historical Society

Who would really say no to this? After being emailed about the event from the social media coordinator, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to hear about fashion and fetish from Valerie Steele, director and chief curator of Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). The chat lasted about 45 minutes where Valerie showed images of early fetish magazines from the 1920s all the way to the the 90s era where Gaultier brought corsets back from the Victorian times with Madonna and her Blonde Ambition tour.

Queen of Pop; 1920s festih magazine

Saturday: productivity like no other

An early crossfit workout and a three-hour brunch with my aunt, I escaped home just before it started to rain again to take on my to-do list. I crossed and checked off line items and kept my weekend plans true going to dinner with friends at Humble Wine Bar.

Have you been?

Get over there on a date, for happy hour or to meet up with girlfriends for a few bottles of wine and some of the most delicious neapolitan style pizzas. It's the perfect setting with a large and open floor plan, chandeliers with wine bottles and did I mention they have charcuterie plates?

a good looking charcuterie plates

can you smell the garlic from the quatro formaggio on the right?

Sunday: it's really not a Sunday Funday without a mimosa

Sunday morning was for the sweatiest hot follow-the-yogi class at Inner Bliss Yoga to sweat out all the garlic I ate the night before and to enjoy a grand marnier, angry orchard and raspberry mimosa at Market in Rocky River.

Namaste, yes, namaste.

Disclosure: I was contacted by the social media coordinator at Western Reserve Historical Society and offered discounted tickets to attend the Fetish show. And, yes, I'm so glad I decided to go because it really was amazing to see a fashion historian up close and personal.

the ultimate Sunday Fundays are really in fall

One of exciting thing to look forward to when I returned home to Cleveland was knowing that my most favorite season of the year would be in full swing. While I loved soaking up the last bits of summer on the beach in France and Spain, I was secretly longing to be in layers with scarves, sweaters and my Hunter boots at football games. (I know, call me crazy, right?!?)

Seeing as I missed the home opener, I knew my first Breakfast of Champions party needed to have an extra kick to it so throw in two friends who were having 30th birthdays and a mom who was more excited to be downtown than all your friends combined, and you instantly more fun reason to get up at 8 am on a Sunday to prep for the party.

Sam Adams getting in on the action; ladies sitting pretty; mel and me in matching shirts; Amherst families unite w/ birthday boy #1

patio holds at least 23 people; erin being fabulous; birthday boy #2 turning 30
Because of the beautiful 75 degree weather and intense games of beer pong, most of my party didn't make it to tailgating but we did make it in time to our seats to see kick off and the Browns pull out another win for the second week in a row.

But while observing my friends on Sunday, I think I've cooked up another few party ideas for the fall, knowing that I can fit about 25 people sitting or standing outside. Sure - I should have likely thrown more parties over the summer but I wanted to be anywhere but in my apartment - I wanted to be on the beach, playing volleyball or sitting on someone else's patio.

Apartment clambake anyone? This could be a winner!

island time

Crossing summer places to go off my list, one weekend at at time.....

Saturday: I was on island time....

The last time I was in PIB was for a bachelorette party was in 2010. I swear it was just yesterday I was celebrating my friend's impending nuptials but time really does fly when you are having fun. After canceling this trip more times than I want to admit, I was nervous we wouldn't make it to the island this summer but it happened on the most perfect mild summer Saturday.

Having never been to the pool bars, it was pretty much the exact scenery you would expect - lots of interesting characters (some clad with accessories like a bright green rubber glove) and then guy who was a dancing machine next to me in a video doing his best Britney Spears impression of sorts.

The morning boat ride to the island

Mist pool bar in all its glory

leopard casualty: RIP my favorite Sperry summer sandals

Sunday: everyone is Italian at the feast

I'm not Italian but always like to pretend I amwhen I'm at the Feast each year. My favorite choices? Fried dough, fried dough and fried dough! I understand that's just dough covered in an obscene amount of sugar but get out of my way - I have to have it!

Excuse me, while I eat this piece of fried dough.

After we ate cavatelli, artichokes, stuffed peppers and cannolis to go, I was able to finally take a look at what everyone has been talking about regarding the major renovations to the Uptown neighborhood. I still have to make a trip to MOCA but was able to walk through the new buildings and scope how much the area has evolved over the past two years. It looks so completely different and the only thing I recognized was Mi Pueblo a few blocks down.

(Sorry for the lack of photos if you haven't been - I was too busy chatting with my friend and eating lemon cookies from Presti's Bakery to snap any photos as we walked through Uptown and Case's campus too.)

Disclosure: Thank you to Katrina and the Miller Ferry for providing my friends and I free tickets and access to a golf cart for our island time.

a little partying never hurt anyone

How I spent my weekend....

Friday: girls' night out
A girlfriend rallied the troops to grab sushi at Sushi Rock, which was our go-to Thursday night outing for half-off sushi  a few years back, so we decided to catch up over a few our favorite rolls and wine.

roll up on roll upon roll

Saturday: lakeside partying

Instead of last year's sizzling temperatures, this year's Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp was on the most beautiful 80ish day without a cloud in the sky. The weather gods said there was a 40 percent chance of rain but that didn't happen until very late, technically into Sunday morning, so I believe everyone had a blast celebrating the last Krusty's ever. Or so they say.....

Sean and Jenny; our tent for the day; the shortest beer line ever; me with Jill

sun setting over Whiskey Island

Sunday: patio brunching and card gaming

My friends and I spent at least 2 hours playing Cards Against Humanity (with no interruptions) on Market Garden Brewery's patio where I won with a whopping 12 cards. Apparently I'm the one with the sickest sense of humor...
siblings; Goonies sign outside of Barrio; the ultimate card game; a carafe of mimosa

Put on your bikini and get to the beach

It's mid July, hot as hell this whole week and I find myself working incredibly hard at work and in the gym to make it through the week to the weekends. Much like last year, I want to be outside as much as I can on a beach, working on my version of a tan.

In honor of my weekends spent at my favorite little stretch of beach in Cleveland to have a Sunday Funday, here are two beach events happening in the next few weeks.

Remember hearing about the Cupid Undies Run in the winter? The race was the longest mile of my life as I ran freezing with friends and a few hundred other people in our undies through Tremont.

Need Sunday Funday plans? These crazy kids decided to host Cupid's Volleyball Tournament and Beach Party on Sunday, July 28, at Wendy Park so come down and play your best game volleyball in your bedroom best. Or, in my case, your bathing suit to support the Children's Tumor Foundation. It's $120 for a team of 4 or 6 or only $12 for the beach party. You don't want to miss the Lake Erie plunge at 3:30 p.m. do you?!?!

For apparently what is the last one EVER, the annual Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp is happening on Saturday, August 3, at Whiskey Island at 12 p.m. until you can't take the heat anymore. Tickets go on sale soon and can be purchased at local bars throughout the westside and downtown areas for $50 each. I couldn't drink enough beer to keep myself cool last year so my friends and I were basically in the lake last year for most of the event trying to keep cool.

Only place that was cool last year; Lisa brings her own t.p.

Mark your calendars, buy your tickets and hope to see you there!

back to the summer basics

Try as I might, I somehow have ended up with my weekends already planned for half of the summer. I'm looking at my calendar now and noticing that every remaining weekend in June is booked (and some of July) with weddings and local events. Granted, I can't wait to attend everything I have scheduled but sometimes I feel accidentally over planed each weekend.

I find myself saying no to invites from friends on Sundays more often now because it's a day to get back to the basics. And for me, back to the basics was saying an excited "yes!" to joining a summer volleyball league on the fabulous team properly named "No Sets in the Sand-pagne Room" and my weekly beach visits. I want my Sundays to be wide open with the exception of my volleyball games.

I haven't played on a summer volleyball in years.

Like 6 years at least.

And it was my favorite thing to do through high school and even at college at Kent. How the hell have I missed out for so long?

the view of the courts at Whiskey Island

view from Whiskey Island

It's about getting back to the basics this summer and the volleyball team was the first step. Lazy afternoons at the beach, maybe staying in my bathing suit all day until volleyball, spraying endless amounts of 30 SPF and NOT missing any spots on my back, staying after my team wins and enjoying the beautiful sunsets that I have missed during the cold winter months.

What does you back-to-basic summer routine look like?

card games gone wild

Let me introduce you to a card game.

Not just any card game.

Quite possibly the most inappropriate card game you will ever play.

With friends.

the makings of a very fun Sunday Funday

In public.

On a patio.

Or maybe that's just my friends.

Cards Against Humanity is incredibly raunchy, ridiculous and highly offensive which can cause unexplainable laughter that makes you hit the table, snort and spit out your adult beverage of choice all at the same time.

It's like Apples to Apples but more like if Zack Galifianakis, Andy Samberg and Chelsea Handler all had an innapropriate child with wild hair who ran around pantless, yelling obscenities at the top of his or her lungs while throwing glitter in the air. (Everything is better with glitter, right???)

Play at your own risk.

But do play because it's absolutely amazing.

And order a set while it's available on Amazon. You better believe I did!

Adding a few of these doesn't hurt the fun either

the one where it feels like spring

Something amazing happened over the past two days here in Cleveland.

It looks like warmer temperatures are slooooowly creeping up on us, which made for my first outdoor Sunday Funday of 2013 where we played five games of cornhole, rocked flip flops and maybe even got a little sunburned from that thing-called-the-sun that I haven't felt on my face in months. I'm not exactly sure Sunday Fundaying qualifies as an American past time but it sure as hell does in my book.

Saturday brought two of my favorite things - films and birthdays - with the Cleveland Film Festival officially open for business and my dear friend Kelly turning the ripe age of 24.

Buy your tickets if you can!; First movie of the festival - Anita

Birthday cocktails for Kelly - our little 24 year old Italian

Up until Sunday, I had been following my training calendar pretty closely for the half marathon but I broke down.

Am I going to beat myself up about it? No, I will not but I will add more mileage this week to make up for it.

Because the sun made it feel like beach weather on my patio, I decided to ignore the 9 miles glaring at me from my training calendar and skipped the workout entirely to spend the day shopping, outside dominating cornhole while stopping randomly around Lakewood bars with friends.

If you ever in the Hudson area, make a stop at B. Lux Boutique at First & Main to pick up a few shirts and bracelets for this coming season. I have been looking for a sleeveless sheer white shirt and ta-dah - I found it for half the price I was going to pay on Piperlime at my friends' store.

New clothes in light colors for spring; customer appreciation with mini cupcakes

summer shandys; gargoyling; cornhole; breaktime
Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be enjoying America's actual favorite past time - baseball - for the Cleveland Indians Home Opener today.

mimosasing around the neighborhood

As we officially entered the month of December a few days ago, one of my favorite other times is upon us that's not Christmas. It's brunch time.

Brunch hosted by I heart Cleveland this past weekend. She can host, cook and entertain!
Now, I'm not one to turn down a brunch any season of the year but there's something about brunch in the winter that makes rolling out of bed, throwing on your Hunter's and winter coats extra special. Maybe because sometimes it literally takes a village to get you to your car, brush it off, then it's a whole other journey to actually get to your brunch spot.

But, in my opinion, there's nothing better than spending a Sunday Funday with your friends holed up in one of your favorite brunch spots to discuss all sorts of hot topics like each person's individual weekend antics or what to drink at the next stop on your Sunday adventure.

A photo from a past brunch sans food

Here a few spots I'll be posted up with friends this winter -

Soho Kitchen & Bar - A few weeks back, my friends and I hung out here for a few hours. My recommendations - the s'uthern benedict and passion fruit mimosa. Be warned - these people know their drinks and they go down quickly!

Market Garden and Brewery - Now that I think about it, I'm not sure that I've ever actually eaten brunch here but rather taken advantage of their bottomless mimosa on Sundays.

Deagan's Kitchen - While I've been here for taco Tuesday plenty of times, I've only eaten here once and was completely satisfied with my poached eggs and mimosas.

Lucky's Cafe - I've celebrated a few birthdays here with a latte and the waffles 'v', but my mom swears by the shipwreck though. Oh, and you must try one order of pecan bacon.

Touch Supper Club - Bloody mary anyone? One of my very first weekends living downtown, I met an NY friend here for brunch and holy amazing. Because there were so many choices, I'm pretty sure I couldn't concoct the same version twice. For food, I'd go with the chicken and waffles or stuffed french toast.

Clearly I have some places I need to add to my brunch eating - what am I missing and what should I be eating and drinking?